Simple Mistakes Could Cause Your Social Security Disability Claim To Be Denied

It’s now more difficult than ever to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). In 1999, over half of all applications were approved. Now only one-third of those applying receive an approval. To make matters worse, many more people are applying for disability payments. Right now, the odds are stacked against new applicants for SSDI.

Don’t Make These Simple Mistakes on Your Social Security Disability Application

Many of those who are denied made avoidable errors in their application. If the reviewer spots one of these errors, they can quickly reject the application and continue on to the next one. It’s in any disability applicant’s best interests to triple-check that all of the paperwork is complete and done correctly. The paperwork and the system are complicated. Seeking advice from a San Francisco disability lawyer could be very helpful.

Earning Too Much Money

In 2016, a disabled applicant cannot earn more than $1,130 per month. Blind applicants can earn up to $1,820 per month. Not all income is counted, but if there is any doubt, consult an attorney. If an applicant is collecting unemployment benefits while awaiting a decision, Social Security may require that money to be repaid to the state.


Not Enough “Working Credits”

In order to qualify for SSDI, it’s necessary to have worked a minimum amount. If someone is disabled before the age of 28, for example, they need to have worked 1.5 years in order to qualify. The longer and more recently someone has worked, the more likely that they will be approved.

Social Security Doesn’t Consider Your Condition to be a Disability

If your impairment is not on the SSA’s listing of impairments, it’s not impossible to receive an approval, but it will require additional documentation and be more difficult. Also, the disability must have already lasted for 12 months or be expected to last that long.

Some Necessary Documents are Missing

A good filing system can be an applicant’s best friend. Documents will be needed on: work history, income, any applications for alternate disability benefits, medical records and more. The list is exhaustive, plus SSA can request additional documents if they feel it necessary.

If you need a Social Security Disability Attorney in San Francisco, contact The LaPorte Law Firm. These attorneys focus on SSDI and SSI disability claims and appeals. Their experience and knowledge of the system can be invaluable, especially if you’ve been denied.

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